'We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us', Philippians 4:13; Be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with us' Joshua 1:9: Our Christian Value for this half term is: Truthfulness
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Late/Absence Procedures

Attendance Policy

It is important that all children are punctual and attend school regularly if they are to fulfil their potential. School should be notified by letter or telephone on the first day of absence giving brief details of absence. Miss Callander will contact parents if a message is not received by 9:15am.


Authorised absences cover such things as sickness, hospital and dentist appointments.


When parents fail to inform school about children’s absences, the absence will be marked in the register as an Unauthorised absence.


Keeping children off school to go “shopping, visiting, buying shoes, parent unwell” etc. will also be considered as an unauthorised absence.


Holidays cannot be authorised in term time. Holiday Notification Forms must be completed in advance of the holiday and an appointment should be made to see the head teacher. Penalty Notices are issued to parents taking children out of school for 5 or more days and above unless there are exceptional circumstances. The holiday form request can be found under the 'letters' section of the school website and further information is available from the school office. We celebrate and promote excellent attendance at our end of term celebration assembly.