'We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us', Philippians 4:13; Be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with us' Joshua 1:9: Our Christian Value for this half term is: Forgiveness
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Friendship Poem

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Our Christian Value for this half term is FORGIVENESS

Week Beginning: 22/2/2021


This week's question:

Do walls divide us or protect us?

British Values
22nd – 28th February 2021
Individual Liberty
Sometimes people make decisions on our behalf, such as building a wall to protect us. If we think that this decision affects our freedoms,

we have the right to speak out about it.

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always there to help and guide us.
Please help us to make good choices.
Please help us to think about other people when we are making our decisions.
Please help us to care about others in everything we do.

Week Beginning: 8.2.21


This week's question:

How important is it to plant more trees?

British Values
8th – 14th February 2021
Rule of Law
When experts discover better ways of protecting our environment, such as planting certain types of trees, the government can consider a change in the law so that planting trees correctly becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Dear God,
Thank you for giving us our planet and all the wonderful living things in it.
Please remind us how important it is for us to take care of it so that future

generations can continue to enjoy it.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has sadly died. He was being treated in hospital for pneumonia and coronavirus but passed away on Tuesday afternoon. The army veteran became famous when he raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.


The Queen has issued a statement saying, "My thoughts and those of the royal family are with Captain Tom's relatives, I recognise the inspiration he provided for the whole nation and others across the world."


What can we learn from Captain Sir Tom Moore?


Listen, think, share
• Look at the poster image above. What do we know about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his achievements? Do we know much about his life before last year?
• Watch the Prime Minister’s tribute (link below) to Captain Sir Tom Moore found in the useful video link below. Can you recall three positive examples that Boris Johnson outlined in the clip? Boris said that Captain Sir Tom Moore was ‘a beacon of hope for the world.’ What do you think he means by this and do you agree?
• Read through the information found on the resource about Captain Sir Tom Moore’s life (resource below). What do you think is his greatest achievement? What will he be remembered for the most? Why do you think he inspired so many? Captain Sir Tom’s main goal was not be famous but to raise awareness of the NHS. He previously has said he remembers the days before its creation, when getting ill meant worrying about having to pay for treatment. Do you think Captain Sir Tom achieved his aim?
• Whilst undertaking his first challenge of completing 100 laps in his garden, initially hoping to raise £1,000 for charity, Captain Sir Tom had said, “One small soul like me won’t make much difference”. Why do you think he might have said this? Do you think he was right?
• Many people have said that Captain Sir Tom Moore will leave a huge legacy. What do you think we mean by legacy and what do you think the impact of Captain Sir Tom’s lasting message will be?



Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to us all during difficult times. Through his courage, perseverance and strength at the age of 99, he united the nation.

Week Beginning 1.2.21


This week's question:

Why do people choose to climb mountains?

Ideas for work at home relating to this week's worship

British Values
1st – 7th February 2021
Individual Liberty
At different times in our lives, we can choose to challenge ourselves. When we do, we need to

manage the risks and understand the consequences of our actions.

This week's prayer:

Dear God, Help us to think about all the things that we find difficult.  Help us to think positively about these things and remember that, one day – perhaps tomorrow, next week, in a month or in a year – we may be able to achieve them, Amen.

Week Beginning: 25.01.2021


This week's question:

What makes a good leader?



British Values
25th – 31st January 2021
Many countries hold votes to allow people the choice to decide who will become their leader. When a leader of a democracy is elected, he or she agrees to listen to the opinions of the people.

Week Beginning 18:01:2021


This week's question:

How can we show our thanks to those who help us?


British Values
18th – 24th January 2021
Mutual Respect and Tolerance
Every individual has their own idea about how to say thank you to others. I respect the fact that their ideas may not be the same as mine.

Dear God,

Thank you for being there for all our heroes throughout this pandemic, you will lead us through this storm, Amen.

Week Beginning 11.01.2021


This week's question:

How do soldiers help us in times of need?

British Values
11th – 17th January 2021

Individual Liberty
The armed forces help us to exercise our rights and freedoms as citizens by protecting the UK. They can also provide help in times of crisis, such as testing, supplying food and clothing or keeping our homes safe.

Dear Lord, thank you for showing us there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this journey together, Amen.

Week beginning 4/1/2021


This week's question:

Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?

British Values
4th – 10th January 2021

Individual Liberty
If we make the choice to own a pet, we know that we have a responsibility to take care of all its needs.

As we sing this song we thank you Lord for caring for everyone around

the world during these challenging and difficult times, Amen.