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Banks Methodist SchoolLearning Together with Resilience and Faith

Welcome toBanks Methodist SchoolLearning Together with Resilience and Faith


Welcome to Eagles!



Tuesday by David Wiesner


For reading this week, we have been focusing on a picture book called 'Tuesday'. 

As the book mainly consists of pictures that tell the story, the children were able to use their own imagination and interpretation to create their own version of the story. This book created great discussions with rich vocabulary. 


We each wrote to the author, telling him what we liked about his book and asked a few questions. We are hoping we get a reply which we will share with you too! 


We then decided to create a piece of art work to represent what we think causes the strange events to happen on a Tuesday evening. We all had our own fantastic ideas of what could be causing animals to fly.



Each week, we look at a different text. We look in depth at the text asking different types of questions and unpick the vocabulary. We then complete a warm task with retrieval questions about the text. Each Friday, we complete a different reading activity that is not related to the text we have been look at that week. This task can be reading to the teacher, looking at picture books and discussing what vocabulary could be used, listening to a class text, or, completing a cold task with retrieval questions. 



For the next 3 weeks, we will be looking at multiplication and division.



For the next 3 weeks, we will be looking at Aesop's Fables. We will be focusing on these short stories and looking at the morals behind them. Children will retell these stories and begin to write their own versions.  


Week beginning 08.07.19


On Friday, children in Years 3-6 participated in the TASAlympics Quad Kids Event held at Edge Hill University. They competed in a sprint, long distance run, standing long jump and vortex howler throw. All children tried very hard, showing their determination and resilience. Well to done to everyone but especially to the Year 3/4 team who received a bronze medal! 

Picture 1

Shared Write

Week beginning 01.07.19


This week we have been preparing for our independent star write when we become a new ruler or villain. On Wednesday we participated in a class shared write. We wrote a speech as Scar, when he becomes the new ruler of his pride. Children then improved the class speech independently, creating fantastic pieces of writing. We ensured our speeches had two parts. The first part was sad and sombre, our character trying to empathise and win the trust of the audience. The second half was the complete opposite, the villain reveals their plans and intentions and grows in confidence.

Villainous Speeches

Week beginning 24.06.19


During our English topic, we have been looking at the speech Scar first delivers after becoming king. After analysing the vocabulary and ideas used, we created justified responses to questions during an interview (in the persona of Scar). We then developed our speaking skills by recording ourselves performing the responses using various apps such as Chatterpix and Spark Video.

An Interview With Scar

Still image for this video

Bee-Bot Mazes

Week beginning 17.06.19


During our Computing lesson, we worked in groups to create a maze for our Bee-Bots. We programmed the Bee-Bots to solve the maze by creating precise instructions. We then checked and changed our instructions if it did not complete our specific goal.

Dissecting Plants

Week beginning 10.06.19


This week we began our new Science topic of 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' We looked at the different parts of a plant and their functions. We then explored this further and developed our understanding by dissecting a plant, labelling the different parts and their functions.

Sports Stars

Week beginning 20.05.19


This week we have all been very busy participating in extra-curricular sport activities. We tried extremely hard and demonstrated resilience by developing our skills in cricket, swimming and cross country. Well done everyone!

Whom do these shoes belong to?

Week beginning 13.05.19


During English this week, we took part in an inference lesson and decided what character would 'fit the shoe'. We discussed various creative possibilities and used some amazing vocabulary to describe the owner of the shoe.


Eagles' also carried out some assessments this week. They worked extremely hard and demonstrated our school value of resilience. Well done! The children had lots of fun on Friday, celebrating their hard work during our SATs party.

Iron Man Artwork

Week beginning 06.05.19


This week we have created some amazing artwork as part of our topic - The Iron Man. We focused very hard on developing our techniques when painting, sketching and shading. 

Festival of Poetry

Week beginning 06.05.19


At the start of our Summer Term, we took part in an assembly led by the poet Ian Bland. He performed some of his amazing poems and shared his passion for poetry with us. The Year 3 and 4 children also participated in a workshop led by Ian. During the workshops we learnt about different poems such as a kenning and wrote and performed our own! This week, some of us performed our fantastic poems in front of a huge audience during the TarDis (Tarleton and Rural District Schools) Year 3/4 Festival of Poetry held at our school. 

BBC News Reporters

Week beginning 29.04.19


This week we became BBC News Reporters! In History, we reported breaking news about Skara Brae (a Stone Age Village). We discussed a range of facts that included the location, materials and changes over time. Well done presenters! 

Marvellous Measurement

Week beginning 23.04.19


This week we have been learning about different measures in Maths. We focused on mass when measuring objects using various scales (g and kg). We had lots of fun creating our own mocktails when looking at volume and capacity (ml and l). We even got to write on the tables when learning about perimeter and length (cm and m)! Everybody has worked very hard this week and demonstrated our Christian Value of resilience. Well done!

Majestic Medieval banquet 

Week beginning 18.03.19


This week we held a Medieval banquet as part of our topic unit (The Art of Food). We learnt all about the Medieval ceremonies including the food they ate. We then compared this to our own diet, creating a list of all the similarities and differences. In preparation for our banquet, we created a range of utensils to use including a drum for the procession. As it was a beautiful day, we held our Medieval banquet outside and had lots of fun dancing and eating (minus the Eel Broth)!  

Book Week

Week beginning 04.03.19


This week we have looked at a range of different books and texts including Wonder by R.J. Palacio and Journey by Aaron Becker. We have worked very hard exploring the different characters, feelings and plots. The book 'Journey' is a wordless picture book and we participated in fantastic discussions to create our own text for the pictures. On Friday, we dressed up for World Book Day and had lots of fun discussing our AMAZING costumes and characters!