'We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us', Philippians 4:13; Be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with us' Joshua 1:9: Our Christian Value for this half term is: Truthfulness
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Welcome to Penguins!

If you go down in the woods today... - 07.12.2020


This week we have been making our own bears.  Reception thought about the story ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’ and practised their cutting, drawing and assembling skills to make a bear for the story.  Nursery also practised their fine motor skills by wrapping wool around the body of their bear.  We think they look great!

Sporting heroes! - 30.11.2020


Penguins have been very active and busy in PE this week saving a burning building!  They had to run, jump, climb and lift the heavy hose to pretend to put out the fire!  (They needed a rest after all that hectic work! 🙂). What superstars they are!

Forest school - 23.11.2020


Penguins have thoroughly enjoyed their first ‘Forest School’ session.  We learnt about some of the possible dangers you can encounter in the woodland, and talked about our ‘safe’ rules.   We then observed some of the changes that have happened since summer and played a game of hide and seek.  Finally we collected as many long and large branches as we could and began to make the framework for our den.  We will finish it next week!

Autumn days - 16.11.2020


Penguins were very excited to find a hedgehog on the school field last week.  They silently watched the hedgehog forage for food and have been learning more facts about the little animals this week.  We have found out that a hedgehog has around 5000-7000 quills, they are a gardeners friend and they like being on their own, (however a group of hedgehogs is called an array).

Remembrance Day - 11.11.2020


The children have been learning about Remembrance Day and have been learning about the significance of poppies.  We have then recycled plastic bottles to create a window display and have printed poppies to make individual pieces of art.  We were very respectful as we observed the two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day. Lest we forget.

Number fun! - 2.11.2020


This week we have been learning about our numbers.  We have chosen a number of the day and have practised writing it, representing it by making and drawing shapes, as well as using our fingers to practise counting and showing the correct amounts. We are becoming number experts!

Mr Draper - our sporting superstar! - 19.10.2020


Well done running all those miles from home to school! As the picture says, we are all impressed and very proud of Mr Draper.

Autumn time - 19.10.2020


Over the last few weeks we have been watching some of the seasonal changes that have happened.  Some of the changes we noticed included: the leaves on the trees changing colours and falling off the trees, conkers and acorns on the floor and the weather getting much cooler.  We also found out that the farmers grow and harvest some different fruits at this time of year, and we chose to find out facts about pumpkins.  We then explored what you can find inside a pumpkin and enjoyed getting a little messy!

We’re going on a shape hunt! - 12.10.2020


Reception have been busy exploring shapes in the environment.  They were fantastic shape hunters, running round the circles, jumping in the squares and spotting the rectangles! However we noticed that there were not many triangles around school. Could you find some shapes in and around your home?

Monster art - 05.10.2020


The children have been sharing the story ‘The baby that roared’ and have completed various different activities including: learning new vocabulary, practising retelling the story and creating our own unique monster character.  Finally, we made experimented with a different painting technique to create our own baby monsters. 

Yoga - 28.09.2020


Penguins have enjoyed learning yoga over the last few weeks.  They have shown amazing focus and skill during each session and have impressed their yoga teacher greatly.  Well done Penguins.

Penguins at work! - 21.09.2020


We have been busy exploring lots of different activities both inside and outside.  Here are just a few of the things we like to do!

You can count on me! - 14.09.2020


This week we have been practicing our fantastic maths skills, learning to recognise our numbers to 10 and counting out a given number of objects from a larger group.