'We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us', Philippians 4:13; Be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with us' Joshua 1:9: Our Christian Value for this half term is: Love - In school we show love by: • Thinking about how much God loves us • Remembering God’s love and that he told us to love one another • Being good friends and loving each other, even when we are upset with each other • Loving people who we do not like so much • Showing by our actions that God’s love works in us
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Evolution - 19.05.2021

In Science this half term, Falcons have been learning about evolution - focusing on significant people such as Mary Anning and Charles Darwin. We conducted a best beak experiment based on Darwin's finches theory to look at how features have adapted to suit their environment, leading to evolution. We also had lots of fun getting messy when creating our own fossils to demonstrate how living things (that inhabited earth millions of years ago) change over time.