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Banks Methodist SchoolLearning Together with Resilience and Faith

Welcome toBanks Methodist SchoolLearning Together with Resilience and Faith


Power of Imagery

Week beginning 14.10.19


This week, we have studying the power of imagery through poetry. We generated fantastic writing focus ideas and grammar examples about a forest setting. Towards the end of the week, we then created a class poem using all of our amazing ideas!

Netball Tournament

Week beginning 14.10.19


Recently, our class have taken part in several netball tournaments at Tarleton Academy. We played against other small/medium schools in our cluster. We displayed teamwork, enthusiasm and resilience. Our resilience paid off and we scored our first goal! Well done everybody :-) 

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Circulatory System

Week beginning 07.10.19


We have been learning about the main parts of the human circulatory system (heart, lungs, body, blood vessels and blood). We learnt about how the system provides us with oxygen and the different transportation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. We then developed this understanding by creating blood in various stages (plasma, minerals, red blood cells and white blood cells). We all worked very hard in our year groups.

Sarah Taylor

Week beginning 30.09.19


This half term our Art focus is drawing and we have been studying the work of Sarah Taylor. Her specialism is drawing and painting animals and focuses her style upon geometric shapes, bright colours and the eyes. Sarah believes the eyes should be the first focal point when sketching as they give character to our creations. We have created our own drawings exploring movement, perspective and shading.

Food Chains and Food Webs

Week beginning 23.09.19


This week we have been looking at food chains and food webs. We discussed and interpreted a food chain as a class and identified the producers, consumers, predators and prey. We understood that the producer produces energy and this energy is passed (consumed) between the consumers. The apex predator is at the top of the food chain/web and cannot be eaten. We then received a scenario in our tables about the decline of the song thrush. We constructed our own food web that included this bird (identifying the producers, consumers and predator) and answered questions based on our findings.

Creating Algorithms

Week beginning 16.09.19


In Computing, we have been looking at precise instructions and the impact of this on our final product. We discussed the different symbols (linked to Purple Mash) that we could use when creating algorithms. After the discussions, we put our ideas into practice and created algorithms (in pairs) to follow when using our trim trail apparatus.  



Nutrients and Water Transportation

Week beginning 09.09.19


This week in Science lessons, we have been looking at the nutrients and water transportation system. We learnt about all the different body parts and their functions used. On Friday, we drew around ourselves to create life-sized models. We then labelled our body parts and discussed the processes used.